Tips for Moving With Pets: Ideas for Pet Owners

Tips for Moving With Pets: Ideas for Pet Owners

Why You Should Use a Mobile Dog Groomer

by Lily Berger

If you have a dog that is in need of a bath and haircut, you may be deciding between a traditional dog groomer or a mobile one. Mobile dog groomers provide a lot of benefits aside from simply being convenient. Here are some different reasons to call up a mobile dog groomer.

There Are No Other Pets

When you go through a mobile dog groomer, you will know that your dog is the only one in the van at one time. This is great if you either have an aggressive dog when around stranger dogs or an especially small dog scared of large dogs. Many dogs have a hard time getting along with others, which can make the grooming process a stressful experience. In ordinary grooming offices, there are usually a large group of dogs either sitting in crates or in a large area where they all wait and play together. If you have a dog that doesn't like this type of environment, mobile grooming will be the ideal situation for you.

Dogs Get One-on-One Attention

Since the groomer is only focused on one dog at a time, they tend to be more attentive and really do their best job. Your dog feels calmer and more comfortable with the groomer since they aren't rushing or stopping to tend to another dog in the room. This allows your dog to get the attention it deserves and avoid any mishaps from being distracted by other things.

Your Dog Won't Be Left in a Crate

Another issue with traditional dog grooming businesses is that when a dog is waiting in line to be washed or groomed, it usually has to sit in a crate to be kept away from the other dogs. This is done for your dog's safety in some locations, but it can be a burden if your dog gets stressed being alone. Some dogs do not react well to this at all, which causes every grooming day to be a very stressful and difficult experience for the dog.

You Can Watch the Grooming Process

If you feel uneasy about having your dog groomed by someone you don't know, the mobile dog groomer might let you sit and watch as long as you stay out of the way. Many mobile groomers are happy to have the company, plus having you there can keep your dog at ease. This is not something often available from traditional groomers.

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Tips for Moving With Pets: Ideas for Pet Owners

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